Sunday, July 11, 2010

We've arrived in Massachusetts!

After driving 1000 miles, we finally arrived in New Bedford, Massachusetts on Friday afternoon. We checked into the hotel and then made our way to Wareham, where David's baseball camp is going to be held. Two of the Cape Cod league teams were getting ready to play, so we got to see that. We have already:
  • checked out the ocean
  • driven over the Bourne Bridge leading to Cape Cod and visited Woods Hole and Falmouth
  • had a super delicious lobster roll at The Lobster Pot (and also fried clam strips)-YUM,YUM
  • met people from all over- even a couple from Maryland who had visited Kalamazoo before.
  • seen the New York City skyline
  • picked up Dave from Logan Airport - he is doing great, just very tired and hurting from his hernia surgery
  • driven all over, got lost many times 
  • realized that the roads are very narrow in town because the (towns) are so old- It's freaking me out!
  • went to the Player/Parent Orientation for David's training
Anyway, lots of cool things.  See below for some shots of our trip, thus far.

 Cape Code Hydrangeas