Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Free Stuff from Becky Higgins !

If you are at all into scrap booking, you may know the name, "Becky Higgins." Becky was a part of "Creating Keepsakes" magazine for a long time and is oh so cool! Through her scrapbook layouts and articles, I have followed her life from marriage, through moves and learning about her family and her life. She  has helped me to find my voice in my scrap booking and especially her journal ling.

Well Becky has a newly revamped website, www.beckyhiggins.com and it rocks! She has a really cool blog with lots of great giveaways .Becky has kits to purchase , recipes she loves AND freebies!

The freebie that caught my eye is called "My Life". It is a 19 page document that you can download. It gives you prompts so that you can chronicle YOUR life! And you should! It is important for you to remember your past as well as document your history for the future. You may think that your life is unremarkable or boring BUT IT IS NOT!! I am so lucky to have such great friends and family and I would love to hear about their lives.

It also is a great jumping off point for you to scrapbook your own stories. We are so good at chronicling our family and events BUT WE MATTER TOO!

OK, off the soapbox, Leslie :)......................
One more thing... for you overachieving mothers that kids in elementary school (you know who you are), Becky has added a free download called," Personal Yearbook." This gives you a chance to chronicle your child's (and every child in the class) with a monthly page of events. What a great gift for your child at the end of the year. Have a look at www.beckyhiggins.com.