Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Outlet Store is the real deal!

Hello all;
O.K. David and I went to the Notions Marketing Outlet store. They had a lot of really good sales. The stuff moves pretty fast so you have to get up there. The ladies that were working there gave me some great tips:

  • A different dipartment has a special each week. For instance last weekend was all products in the memory department so I got an extra 40% off any products in "memory". I bought a Karen Foster 12 X 12 paper keeper for $4.00. I bought 2 of those Kaiser Craft advent kits that have the 25 little drawers in them. I saw those at CHA last weekend- I think that they were $30.00 a piece- I got each for $6.00 a piece!!!
  • They have a key tag program when. It costs $2.00 but when it is full, you get $15.00 in free product.
  • When you come in and buy something, you get a 50% coupon foe one non promotion item!
  • When you call or email them for directions or specials, you will find out what that weekend's specials are.They will also give you a special code for an additional discount.
  • Products come in all the time! I was interested in one of those Simply Renee Clip-it-Up's. The gal there said that they do get them in and I could call ahead to see if they get them in.
  • The only downfall is the neighborhood that the outlet center is by. It isn't bad but it isn't good. It would be good to go with a friend :)
  • They had lots of art supplies, wedding supplies, sewing, home decorating (not much), Ott Lights at a really good price!

Oh, yes.... We loved Grand Valley State's campus-  and they don't call them dorms anymore.. they are called Living Centers- Who would have thought???

Hope that you are having a wonderful Sunday!!!